Who is Pam?

Pam is a practitioner who believes in your body’s potential to heal what others may have deemed incurable, chronic or impossible. She has 40,000 clinical hours under her belt working as a RMT and an energy healer Read more…


People who have experienced Pam’s BodyTalk sessions have some incredible stories and unbelievable improvements. 

See what a few of them have to say…

"If I had to sum up my BodyTalk experience with Pam in two words, it would without a doubt be life changing!
...Pam is a true healer and her kind and calming energy is like no other, she truly has a special gift..."
"Body talk is a good place to be when you have not been feeling good and it just doesn't go away...
[Pam] actually discovered what was wrong with me and fixed it that day. ...When we left I felt amazing!"

Pam Dhillon

at “Dr. Kevin Preston”