Transform with BodyTalk


"I came to discover BodyTalk during a considerable transition in my life. The stress and suppressed emotion was manifesting itself through physical afflictions and I was trying my best, unsuccessfully, to treat them through prescriptions and general medicine. The opportunity arose to have a session with Pam and the experience has been a catalyst for true healing and release. Not only have my physical ailments eased substantially but through the guidance of Pam, I have created a profoundly nourishing relationship with myself again. Pam is a true healer and deeply honours the wisdom your body holds. She has an innate ability to tune into your body and gently shake loose all the protective layers we create because we havent learned to live from our hearts yet. I leave every session euphoric, joyous and in control of my body and life again!"
"Pam offers a unique and intuitive gift with BodyTalk. She digs away at layers you never knew existed, and uncovers root problems to physical ailments. It is not painful or disruptive. It allows your body to do the work, and you are left with reduced stress, less pain, and more balance.
She carefully ties together your physical and mental self, and guides you through your own path to well-being. Her knowledge of the human body and her confidence in her skills makes every session exciting and rewarding."
"Knowing little about what body talk was, I went into my first session with Pam with zero expectations and even a wee bit of skepticism.
What I came out of that session with, was immeasurable! Pam was able to draw out, and more importantly name, deeply seeded emotions that I had held onto for years which consequently had found their way to parts of my body causing physical pain and discomfort.
The release that followed that first session was something indescribable. I would highly encourage anyone who seeks healing to seek Pam. Pam has a gift. Pam is a gift."
"Hi, my name is Ava. Body talk is a good place to be when you have not been feeling good and it just doesn't go away.
I know that because for a really long time I had stomach aches. I wouldn't go to school, eat, go for sleepovers, have play-dates and my energy level was down. All I wanted to do was to be in bed at home.
Until my mom met Pam.
My mom explained what she does and I was really nervous to try but when we went to go see her the space is a relaxing place to be in. I was not nervous at all after.
Through the process I felt movement going on in my stomach and by the end I felt so much better. But she actually discovered what was wrong with me and fixed it that day.
I had a few questions so I wrote her a letter. She wrote me back and answered all my questions.
When we left I felt amazing, I wanted to eat and that night I actually went to my friends birthday sleepover.
It has been 3 months and I still feel really good."
Age 11
If I had to sum up my BodyTalk experience with Pam in two words, it would without a doubt be “life changing”!
During my sessions with Pam we have focused on a number of things both physical and emotional - and the result of these sessions has changed my life and honestly makes me cry tears of gratitude for the physical challenges I will no longer have to to deal with. My mind is blown with the results I have experienced, it’s amazing! Pam is a true healer and her kind and calming energy is like no other.
She truly has a special gift and I will never hesitate to reach out to her for future sessions when I have new challenges I can’t overcome on my own. Thank you Pam for the amazing changes you have made in my life!
"I was initially skeptical about trying Bodytalk. But after the first session I haven't looked back. The results and various changes in my life have been surprising and wonderful. Pam's warm and compassionate, gentle demeanor, knowledge and intuition provides a relaxing and calming experience. Pam has educated me on many of the ways in which my body, mind, and emotions communicate and function. Pam has helped tap into various unrecognized emotions that I've harboured for years, affecting my relationships, work and overall wellbeing. After the first session, I immediately noticed a shift in myself, as if emotional and physical blocks, and dark clouds had dissipated. Looking back, these shifts continued long after a session. I feel lighter and brighter and less "burdened" more and more after every session; like a veil has been lifted. She is truly a gifted healer and I encourage anyone who hasn't tried it to gift yourself the unimaginable benefits that Bodytalk provides. Take it from a prior skeptic. Thanks so much Pam!"
Pam Dhillon’s monthly online Zoom Bodytalk Collective sessions are incredible. I cannot recommend them enough! Bringing the healing energy into my very own home/space has been a gift. Space to truly dig deep into my own awareness with the added bonus of group support, and being where my pets are. I attend the in-person Wild & Wise events Pam also hosts and the online session later in the month is supportive to further integrate the work done there, prepare for the next, and any one-on-one sessions in the office. Online sessions are convenient, equally as potent as in-person, and assist in my self care journey easily. After each session I feel greatly balanced, deeply clear mentally, and more of my true self shines through. Looking forward to the third Tuesday of the month! And any future offerings from the powerful Pam!
“We often wish our bodies could speak to us and tell us what stresses or anxieties are being held… Pam is the interpreter for your body. When Pam tuned into my body and shared what she learned – It not only made perfect sense, it was the release I needed to move past what I had been silently holding onto. The experience was impactful and had immediate and lasting effects. I highly recommend a Body Talk session with Pam Dhillon.”
"I have been seeing Pam for a number of weeks now for BodyTalk. For the past few years I have gotten this mass amount of swelling in my body that comes and goes, and sometimes a rash occurs as well. The rash can be little or large and can appear anywhere. I have seen doctors and specialists about this but nothing has helped. Pam has been working on my lymphatic system that was basically at a standstill and now it is flowing again. Then when on to work on my bladder and kidneys. While she is working I feel the heat and energy release, and within a few days I feel the restored areas working at full function. My body feels lighter! Most of my visits have been over the phone and I am still seeing and feeling amazing results."
"The very first body talk session I had with Pam, was when she first started studying the work. After one session, I knew that her gift was special. Over the years, I have watched Pam grow as practitioner and her results are undeniable! Many "ah- ha" moments and clearing of old stories/energies. I highly recommend her services, but only if you are ready for life changing shifts ❤"
Pam is incredibly intuitive. She naturally creates a safe supportive space that allows you to relax as she facilitates your BodyTalk session. The kind of healing that you may experience will surprise you - and is often much greater and deeper than the reason you came to her in the first place. The transformations that I have experienced with the assistance of BodyTalk are far beyond what I had come to expect from standard modern medicine (after years and $1000s of dollars on Western treatments).